Share your 19.3 screenshots here!

This was created to centralize all 19.3 photos and make it easier for people to view images rather then scrolling through the main announcement thread.
However, there are a few rules for this thread.
1.) Please try refrain from commenting without images.
2.) There is no need for everyone to exclaim ‘Wow, amazing!’ For every photos, just simply click the like button.
3.) Please give the location of each image.
4.) Keep edits to a minimum, this includes changing lighting.
5.) This is not required, but suggested: Make use of Live replay screenshots, they provide higher quality then your average screenshot.

As always, Enjoy!

Is this moderator approved? We used to have those kind of threads before the #screenshots-and-videos category was established.

All threads now have to follow those rules and a specific template. Therefore, those general picture threads normally are no longer allowed. It’s all with individual threads now 😊

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