Share the best spotting location you ever been!

At SKRG, between Gates 14A and 17B.

  • VivaColombia A320 taking off to Bogotá (SKBO)

  • Avior B737 arriving from Caracas (SVMI)

  • Copa Airlines B737 arriving from Panama City (MPTO)

  • Avianca A319 preparing its return to Bogotá

  • AV9302 exiting runway 01

I’ve some photos of the threshold of El Dorado (SKBO) Runway 13L, I’ll edit them and maybe later I’ll show to all of you.

I have two places. The first one is one of the official spotting places at LEBL, which is under the approach path of runway 07L. All the aircraft, whether big or small, use that runway.
The second spot is the campus of East London’s university for EGLC. That spot has a clear view of both runway 09 and 27 approach and takeoff paths.

Honolulu terminal.

100% for sure

I have been to Honolulu Terminal many years ago, is there a aisle don’t have glasses and available spot?

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the outside parts

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I see, thank you!

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (EHAM) would definitely be the go-to spot if you’re in Europe…

It has loads of spotting locations, a few official, a few unofficial.

for an interactive map, visit Amsterdam Schiphol Spotting - Google My Maps

The best spot is, by far, Runway 18R/36L (Polderbaan)
This spotting area has a car park and a chipper. Additionally, it has a path that goes parallel down the entire length of the runway, so you can choose the best location for your photos. This runway is used almost all of the time.
Some photos:

This one is just before the touchdown marks, after a good walk down the runway.

This one is at the main spotting area (at the car park)

And this one is just after the touchdown marks

You also have an official spotting area at the McDonald’s to watch plane landing on 27/taking off from 09 or takeoffs on 18L. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to spot there, as every time I go, these runways do not get used.

After the Polderbaan (18R/36L), the Kaagbaan (06/24) gets used the most. There are no official spotting areas for this, but there are more than enough unofficial places.