Share the best spotting location you ever been!

Definitely Cork Airport (EICK)

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My room window. I occasionally see some fighters passing by and ever so rarely an Air Force cargo plane.

Arguably the best spotting location in the world.

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Until the dead periods hit.

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The water tower at KSEA.

Amazing variety and great shots of heavies and takeoffs!

or take a helicopter and fly at 2,000 feet over KATL cough cough Ryan


I would have to say most likely 120th Avenue in Denver, the East Garage in Denver during golden hour, the outside area outside of BJC, and when it’s fire season and there’s MD-87s in town, right next to them at the fire service area. You get up nice and close to the unique planes that are there.

The two DEN spots:

BJC Spot 2:

BJC Spot 1:


There is this little pullout on Laughlin Road near KSTS that is the best spot to go spotting at KSTS.



Always pretty to see those shots.

Secondly, better get to mine.

This spot is pretty well known, all things considered. It is the primary spot of 90% of the people that spot at PDX.
Screenshot 2020-12-09 110447
I am, of course, referring to the garage. Or to be more specific, Level 7 of the Short Term Parking garage. This spot is one of the best because it has views of both of the primary runways/landing strips of PDX, as well as easy access to the airport terminal. If you have the right conditions, the garage is perfect for spotting.

Here is one time when I caught a surprise growler visit.


On a sidewalk right I front of 9L at LHR

that spot is…


it’s illegal ._.

just for next time ;)

I got a good idea of where that is

I don’t recommend going there, unless you’re willing to jump a fence and then get destroyed by cops

Kemble airfield next to road. Can be in touching distance of planes if they are parked there

Omg me too, have u been to Yorkkont road, also the parking deck is rlly good on the east side

Yes, true like every 30minutes to an hour

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Is it illegal to take photographs of military aircraft?

My best spotting location I’ve been to is at the end of Greys Rd at CHC, right beside the taxiway, so it’s super easy to get close-ups

It also has a pretty mean view of the runway

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Nice spotting location!

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probs Myrtle Avenue at London Heathrow. it’s truly amazing.