Share the best spotting location you ever been!

Firstly,let me share my experience:
I have been spotted in Shanghai Pudong , Shanghai Hongqiao,Xiamen Gaoqi, Guangzhou Baiyun , Shenzhen Baoan, Chengdu Shuangliu, Shenyang Taoxian, Sanya Phoenix , Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Urumqi Diwopu, Lanzhou Zhongchuan
And also some airports in Europe: Such as Vienna LOWW, Istanbul Ataturk LTBA, Prague Vaclav Havel LKPR
Furthermore a airport in Middle East: Dubai international OMDB
My favorite is LTBA, Istanbul Ataturk
The reason is the spotting location is in a café, you can have a cup of coffee and spotting with the same time! The most important is , the aircraft is super close to the planespotting location, I think you can phone to take very nice pictures there.
But very unfortunately , the LTBA is currently not busy, because Istanbul just opened a brand new airport in Istanbul. Lots of flights’s destinations changes to the Istanbul new airport.
图片 图片


What is the the new airport code?

LTFM the new airport replacing Ataturk


Generic answer: LAX, Imperial Hill

Slightly more educated answer: Miami, El Dorado

The end of the south perimeter road in HKG, Seeing HAECO and 07R&07L!

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Well I’ve only ever been to like 2, one being a general aviation airport so I’d have to say Brussels (BRU/EBBR), nice diversity even if we don’t get any A380’s or many 747’s.

Yeah, correct answer

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Even though I haven’t been to the spotting location in LAX, but I have seen lots of pictures in LAX, that location is incredible

Probably TWA at JFK… I don’t go too far from home.

Do US airports provide official view deck?

Some airports do, like I know Los Angeles has a few clubs with spotting terraces, but it’s pretty rare in the US.

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Sheps mound at YSSY. Allows you to get some pretty cool shots!


nice photo!

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Gravelly Point Park, right next to KDCA. It’s amazing, you have everything from an Air Canada CRJ-200 up to a Delta 757-200 flying just 200 feet above you.

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Heraklion (Crete) , Greece



This photo was taken on an iPhone without zoom. Imagine having a good camera…


From VHHH airport

Some interesting spotting location in ZSPD

12th floor of the international car park in Sydney. So much variety in the type of shots you can get

I think it will got lots of good pictures if you using camera

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The spotting balcony at sfo.