Share my infinite flight security error

what do you do if you want to appeal a violation but you can’t upload the replay on share my infinite flight?

Then you don’t have a case to appeal the violation.

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good one, funny guy

Then you cannot get your violation appealed. No replay = no proof = no appeal.

if you guys have useless things to say just stat out of the topic. respectfully

You asked what do you do. We are telling you basically there is nothing you can do to our knowledge.

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Useful info: even if you have a semi-valid appeal it can and may be thrown out if they see you’re giving attitude to forum members.


that’s why I said respectfully at the end.

We are trying to be honest with you. There is nothing you can do if you cannot show proof that you did nothing wrong.

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Not really how it works, but I’ll help you out. Email me your replay as a file (DM for email) and I’ll see if I can get it converted for you.


thanks for the help bud

Appeal members need the replay to not only evaluate the violation but also the whole flight. If you were acting on the less professional side, the team will take that into consideration with whether or not the violation will be appealed.

@Pilot_InfiniteFlight and @Altaria55 were also correct and not “being funny”

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Appeals gives you three options to send your replay. If one doesn’t work, try the others.

You can’t appeal your violation. No replay is no proof, which means no appeal consideration. Also, @Pilot_InfiniteFlight and @Altaria55 weren’t being funny, they were being serious.


It’s best to just contact the Appeals team and ask. There might not be a solution, maybe there is. Keep expectations reasonable.