Share my infinite flight replay

Can someone help me share my infinite flight replay?

Have you tried a different browser?

No, I will right now

Hmmm. Just tried opening it, seems to be working fine. Are you using a VPN? Maybe could you switch to a different network or cellular connection?

Do you currently have a Pro Subscription? Replays cannot be viewed if they have been flown outside of the non-pro regions. Maybe that’s why you can’t share it.

He can’t open a webpage. Has nothing to do with sharing a replay.

If this doesn’t work for you I would recommend sending the mods the replay in an email

No I never use VPN unless I am abroad,
Of course I do have a pro subscription.

Hmmm, odd.

Try clicking this:

How about this.

I am having a really bad day, I got a level 2 violation for no reason, and I have to share a replay in 72hrs. I cannot upload a file to my drive and have 15gb empty on my Google Drive, I can’t share the replay file, it is just not my lucky day 2day😵

I’m gonna try uploading it tomorrow

Hey @GhostCustoms Have you attempted all the options given to you by @appeals? i.e mail etc.

I am stuck trying to upload the file to Google Drive

Try emailing the file to Hope this helps!

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I’ll try when I am home

Ok! Tell me if it works. Good Luck!

What is the size of your replay?
Also if the replay attachment is grater than 25 mb, you won’t be able to email it…

It’s about 58mb, but when I sent it it became 28mb

Hmm… I don’t know wheather sending replay file through email reduces its size…
For now, hope for the best until @appeals review your replay… All the best :)

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