Share My Infinite Flight (.com)

I haven’t visited this yet because my fingers starts typing faster than my brain who is still in awe, because this is a great idea, Chris!

A superb complementary breakthrough out of the recent 19.1 breakthrough!

Just to add food for thought: How about a special, “non-deletable vault” with categories that stores hand-picked notable events (by an assigned moderator, could be just yourself), away from the majority of clutters, that could stay being shared time and time again, for an IF technical + historical documentation and also tutorial purposes, both in piloting and ATC? I can see this site is going to grow popular going forward, thank you for making this btw! :)

Just to add some context here. @Chris_S is the IFATC Slack storage version of that horrible bouncer you don’t want to meet during a night out.


Uh oh, someone just posted an image in Slack:


Well that’s a bummer… but smart lol

Hi, just wondering would it be appropriate to share replay codes publicly, like on the forum or somewhere else?

Sharing was the purpose of the site. Share the code, url, etc. Its your file, it wont be around for too long.

Don’t share the admin code since it allows you to delete it though.

Ok, thanks!

I put my email in to get an admin code, but I haven’t received a admin code yet.

Check your spam folder? Sometimes it takes longer depending on who your email provider is.

Hello! I can’t open replays (shared) . It displays some app to open it but not anything that read the video.

PM me and I can try to help.

Every device is different and you need to be comfortable with your device’s file system before dealing with sharing replays.

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Thank you, it’s fixed.

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This doesn’t work for me. I can’t seem to get it to play anywhere besides IF.

Hello. That is because it is a data file and not a normal video file. If you want to take actual video, you will need to use your screen recorder within your device.


Thanks for the help!

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@Chris_S Looks very interesting.

Very nice. This solved my problem of not being able to share replays in messages or slack. Now I can just paste the download link for all to see.

This also means that my Slack workspaces have more space!

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@Chris_S could you check your PM. I found a few issues on the website.

I used to be able to click on Download to Device and then Open on Infinite Flight. Now whenever I download a replay file I just get Open in “Files”, and More… There is no longer an option to open with Infinite Flight, what can I do? I’m on an iPad pro.

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