Share My Infinite Flight (.com)

What is it? is a website dedicated to the facilitation of the sharing of your Infinite Flight replays.

How does it work?

The process is simple:

  • Download your replay to your device
  • Upload it to the website. You do have the option of entering your email address if you would like an emailed copy of the information.
  • The website will generate a code and provide a link that you can easily share with others
  • The recipient will open the link and download the file
  • If the recipient does not have the URL, you can provide them with the code and they can download it manually from the site.
  • Once downloaded, simply press on the downloaded file to open in IF where it will be imported.

Why did I make this?

First it came about as a way to not fill the ATC slack storage while sharing files. Then I wanted a way to share files without the need to give out email addresses.

How long are files kept for?

Since file space is not unlimited, files are kept for 14 days at the moment. It may be adjusted depending on usage and how large files are.

The Fine Print is not affiliated with Infinite Flight. is not a storage center for replays and reserves the right to delete replays as needed if space issues arise.

There may be some bugs so if you see anything odd please PM me.

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Wow interesting! Will be wonderful to share my replays and epic moments!

Great! Does this work for Pilot Replays? Or onl ATC

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Any replay file. Its is just a way to share.

Can I upload anything!? 😎


Nope. It only accepts replay files.

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now I can show my (greasy) landings to people

Awesome work once again, Chris 👏🏼 This will be extremely useful for sharing files easily here on the forum.

An least you didn’t say butter, you know how Gordon Ramsay gets

Also great idea Chris!

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Most development items come out of self-serving laziness. I wanted to do more realistic flights out of DFW, that lead to fpltoif. I didnt want to give out my email for replay files, that lead to this. :)

Is the email hidden to users (i.e. only used to send)?

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Yes. The email is not displayed anywhere.

The email gives you an “admin code” which allows you to see how many times it was downloaded and also delete it. I did this so you didnt have to worry about creating accounts, maintaining passwords, etc. It was the simple way.


Thank you, sir.

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This will be put to good use, thank you so much Chris for taking the time to make this! 👏🏻

I haven’t visited this yet because my fingers starts typing faster than my brain who is still in awe, because this is a great idea, Chris!

A superb complementary breakthrough out of the recent 19.1 breakthrough!

Just to add food for thought: How about a special, “non-deletable vault” with categories that stores hand-picked notable events (by an assigned moderator, could be just yourself), away from the majority of clutters, that could stay being shared time and time again, for an IF technical + historical documentation and also tutorial purposes, both in piloting and ATC? I can see this site is going to grow popular going forward, thank you for making this btw! :)

Just to add some context here. @Chris_S is the IFATC Slack storage version of that horrible bouncer you don’t want to meet during a night out.


Uh oh, someone just posted an image in Slack:


Well that’s a bummer… but smart lol

Hi, just wondering would it be appropriate to share replay codes publicly, like on the forum or somewhere else?

Sharing was the purpose of the site. Share the code, url, etc. Its your file, it wont be around for too long.

Don’t share the admin code since it allows you to delete it though.