Shaping the future of Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight has evolved rapidly over the past few years in terms of expanding the fleet of high quality aircraft. However, other aspects of the simulator, such as lighting, have not been addressed. These details are not essential but provide a better quality of life for users.

Through a vote, for example;

  • Rework A380
  • Rework 747
  • Improved environmental features (including lighting, weather etc);

the community decide the future of Infinite Flight; continue the development of aircraft with resources split between other aspects, such as the environment, or dedicate all resources to improving environmental aspects of the simulator, such as lighting, weather etc.

Whilst both features (aircraft and environment/lighting) can be worked on simultaneously, dedicating even as little as 6 months solely towards the development of the environmental aspects of Infinite Flight will result in a much more engaging end product for users.

There is still a lot of work to be done regarding the state of older aircraft available in the simulator, but with the release of the Airbus A350 and upcoming Boeing 777, users will have access to two high quality and extremely versatile aircraft. These updates can keep users engaged whilst a majority of developmental efforts are put towards the expansion of the environmental world within the simulator.

A moderate period of time without an update (as efforts will be dedicated to environmental development) will result in an improved flying experience, and will pave the way for the future of Infinite Flight. A short wait now will result in a propitious future ahead.


My thoughts and propositions regarding the way forward for Infinite Flight.


Well, that depends on what the general populations wants. We cannot force IF developers to work on only environmental or only planes.

It will be down to what the flyers want. And yes, Infinite Flight is paying attention to the environment as well with the new work in progress of their clouds.

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Am I allowed to post X-Plane pics here? It would help us see how IF would look with see features and show what we re missing out on

This really is not our decision to make. We’re customers, not shareholders. Infinite Flight Staff alone makes these decisions.

Infinite Flight also has different parts of its team working on different things — aircraft, environment, backend, etc. — and have been quite transparent about the steps they’re taking to improve their product and allow for more environmental factors:


Definitely. We have no control on resource allocation. We can make ideas though, and those ideas can be voted for in #features

I understand that, and it is a viable option to develop the environment simultaneously alongside aircraft, however as Infinite Flight is a relatively small team of developers, focussing on one main project will result in the highest level of productivity/engagement for users.

Obviously, I’m not proposing to halt aircraft development forever, rather for the developers to emphasise the development of the environment for a certain period of time.

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Agreed! Right now the outer environment is very unrealistic

Let’s see… it’s up to @jasonrosewell. He can give you a better answer.

I don’t see it as a monumental decision; it’s more similar to how the community has previously been allowed to vote for upcoming aircraft.

As an example, the vote could be:

  • Rework Airbus A380
  • Rework Boeing 747
  • Improved environmental features (including lighting, weather etc)

This is simply an idea/suggestion and not in any way a complaint or demand.

Look, there are specific features for environmental aspect. You can’t generalize when you talk about features. You have to uses your votes wisely and vote for what you want. Specificity is easier to understand and what strives someone to vote for a specific feature.

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But an upgrade for the environment would take much longer than a aircraft rework or addition … I think most of the aircraft should be updated first and then the environment.
Additionally, it would be cool not to see only the planes with the most votes get updated.

The problem is, while high quality aircraft are essential to a flight simulator, so is a realistic environment. Steps have been taken in this direction with the global update as well as the iteration of clouds which are on the way, but if the development team dedicated their time to the environment, significant progress would be made. Evidence of this can be seen with global and the A350, which were both major projects for the developers.

You’re assuming that one thing exclude the other, which it don’t. And that everyone can do everything in terms of development which is not the case.

As linked & explained in previous posts, things are already in the works in preparation for this.

The 3D modelers that create the aircraft have for example nothing to do when it comes to taxi lights.

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Thanks for the clarification. I was under the assumption that aspects such as 3D modelling were outsourced, but obviously not.

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The thing is that Project Metal will enable us to do a lot of things that we aren’t able to do right now, and a lot of manpower are already deep into that. And more will once a few elementary tasks related to that are completed.

So, we’re basically already doing what you want. It just works a little different than you think it does probably :)


That makes sense. Thanks for explaining.


All good in the hood :)