Shanghai Pudong To Los Angeles


Line up on Runway

V1 rotate

Departure to the NorthEast

Southern Korea-1hour 45min into flight

West Coast of Japan

Far Eastern peninsula of Russia

Archipelago of Alaska-7 hours into flight

Entering US Mainland during sunrise

Entering SoCal 11 hours into flight

Missed Approach

Right downwind RNW 25R

Final RNW 25R

Touchdown on RNW 25R
InfiniteFlight_2019-05-24-15-14-09 InfiniteFlight_2019-05-24-15-14-40 InfiniteFlight_2019-05-24-15-13-54
Taxi to Intl. Terminal


Delta 375-Boeing 777-300LR
Total flight time: 11:32
Shanghai to Los Angeles


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