Shanghai Airlines Boeing 757-200

Hey guys, today I’d like to show Shanghai Airlines Boeing 757-200, though it has already retired, in my memory, it was still a wonderful one, let’s see the picture first.

According to Misha’s new post about Boeing 757 livery, they want to make sure as many countries, people, and places are represented within their Infinite Flight fleet, reflecting the huge diversity of their worldwide Infinite Flight community.
Since I’m Chinese, so in my view it will be good to add this Chinese Airline’s livery to IF, guys let’s make our fleet more widely and hope to fly this nice aircraft later.
Don’t forget to vote for this, thanks.

Hope to see Shanghai Airlines’s Boeing757-200 in the future!


Looks quite stunning! Great livery, hope it gets added 🤞


Ok the need to add the Shanghai callsign first

With the update of 20.3 we can hope this callsign will be added 😂

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Haha. There ‘s no Shanghai Airline’s callsign now. Hope to see it in 20.3

I hope they can add it, let’s see