Shanghai Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8

Orgininal Website of the picture:

Introduction of Shanghai Airline

Introduction of Boeing 737 MAX 8

Why this livery?

Recently, the race (or voting) between A320 NEO and 737 MAX have come to an end, as a result, the Boeing 737 MAX win the election! Personally as a 737 MAX fan, I would be so happy if we can fly this aircraft in the game one day.
With that being said, I come up with an idea that: why not start a feature topic about the Shanghai Airline Boeing 737 MAX 8? Since I’m located in Shanghai, it would be a fantastic idea for people to see and vote for this livery! :)

My favorite Chinese livery on the 737 Max

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We DEFINITELY need this!!!😍

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Guys, have a look of this livery, think again, what not vote for it?

Great livery!