Shanghai 737 slid off taxiway at Urumqi International

Shanghai Airlines B737 skidded due to pilot error… says Shangai Airlines

This morning, a Shanghai Airlines Boeing 737-800, Reg #B5370, slid off a taxiway at Urumqi Diwopu International Airport due to snowy conditions.
The flight FM9220 was scheduled to leave for Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at 9:30 a.m., according to VariFlight, but
At around 10:30 a.m., the plane’s front tire skidded off the icy taxiway when turning around due to the cockpit crew’s improper operation, said Shanghai Airlines.
Shanghai Airlines removed its flight division manager from his post after the incident.




Hi, can someone move this to RWA? Wow the weather really decides the outcomes of every flight

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The good old ground sliding bug…


That’s why I support the “teach pilots to drift a plane course” - Josh 2016

I hope everyone was alright

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This is the third accident and PVG within a few months. Hope everyone’s ok.

Omg its not delta sweet jeebus lol


Lol my thought too

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It’s not at ZSPD

Oh yeah, whoops. I got confused with the Shanghai Airlines part 🙃

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Wait, why? They didn’t fire the pilot but made a scapegoat out of the manager? I’m confused

Props in charge of training of the pilot, or They needed someone to blame

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Well not training the pilot directly

Well he controlls the flights and he checks if its ok to fly (I think lol) but I may be correct

Plane you’re drunk go home


Lol to much to drink

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