Shane's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PRACTICAL PASSED!]

Welcome to @ShaneAviation’s ATC Thread

(For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)


Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch&gos/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.



Airport :


Runways :

Server :


I’ll be open at KLUF today until 2000Z. I’m trying to improve as much as possible, so please give helpful, but not mean, feedback. Anyone that stops in is appreciated.


Hey I did few patters in a TBM C-OCEN

You did a fantastic job good transitions and gave me pattern entry when I requested rw change

one thing after you cleared me for 21R for the option you should of given me a direction left or right traffic again.

Yeah, I realized that shortly after, thanks for letting me know. I appreciate you stopping by and thank you for the feedback.


I’m open right now until 8 pm eastern! I appreciate anyone that stops in and feedback is greatly appreciated.


Hey man! I was N214ON in the 737 BBJ, would you like some feedback?

@reer104: I think you can give him feedback.

I’ll come by for a bit before dinner!

Edit: Looks like you are closed. In the future, please do not forget to update your thread when you are closed.

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Thank you for doing that for me, I was caught up in something right before I closed and couldn’t change it.


Please. :)


First off, your ATC was pretty flawless. You did great on runway change, pattern entry, takeoff, and clearing me for the option was timed very well. One thing, you can correct me if I’m wrong; you cleared me for the option, after I was cleared I reported right downwind, full stop. You then cleared me again to land. I don’t believe that you are supposed to be recleared, rather ATC just says “Roger”. If I am incorrect and you are supposed to reclear someone in that situation, good job! You did an amazing and flawless job. Hope to see you on the Expert Server soon.

Thank you very much reer for the nice words. I was a little confused in all honesty what to do there, and btw, there was no option to say roger, even though that would’ve been an adequate response, but since I had already cleared you for the option, I don’t think it was necessary to report it and I could’ve just said something around the lines of, “You’re already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports.” But in total, I probably shouldn’t have re-cleared. Thanks anyways and I hope you have a good rest of your day.


No worries! That’s odd, usually it gives you an option to say roger when a pilot reports his position. If roger was not available, then the choice you made was the right choice. Have a good rest of your night!

If anyone could stop in, that would be greatly appreciated, my practical will be coming up soon. I could use extra practice with sequencing so I’d like if a few stopped in.

Winds - 180 @ 06

Ill try to stay open until about 2010Z.


Alright! That was good. Let me go in order of the scenarios. Your awareness is amazing. One the ground I requested pushback, I couldn’t so you told me to taxi (GOOD). Transition was at the right altitude (GOOD). I alligned with the wrong runway and you caught it by sending me around. I always make sure the aircraft is on the right runway and there is the “Please check runway assignment” command which could of been used ahead of time but you caught it (GOOD). You sent me around at a perfect time, right over the threshold (GOOD). Lastly, the only small mistake, is when I asked for frequency change after taxiing to the runway, you told me to contact tower. The correct command should of been “You were already intructed to change frequencies.” Not a major issue, just something to be aware of. I also wanted to mention that you didn’t tell me my sequence before the go around, I could have easily turned in front of the jet. But otherwise, everything was amazing. Great Job! You will pass, I’m sure.

Yeah, I was a little confused when I saw you on final for the wrong runway, lol. The first thing that came to my mind was just to send you around, not knowing that command was actually a thing. But, I appreciate you coming in to fly for me after I flew for you, it means a lot. You helped me a lot, and I think I’m pretty prepared now.


I’m open right now @ KLUF! Winds are 120 @ 8kt, and I would like to get as many people in here as possible so I can work on my sequencing. Thank you in advance to anyone that stops by. I’ll try to stay open until 2015Z.


I will be closing fairly soon if no traffic comes by.


Ill stop by for few go’s

Hey so overall you did well

the only two things are

Transition should of been at or above 4000

and the exit command was a bit late (Ideal speed is 70kts )

Thanks for your atc

Open at KSEA right now, might stay open for another 30 minutes, but if there’s traffic, maybe longer.

Winds - 190 @ 07kts