Shandong Airlines (SDA) for B737-800 Model

This is my first time to post on this community (I really don’t know how to use this website yet though), and I am writing to ask how to ask Infinite Flight group see our post on livery requests?

I really wish the IF development group could add the Shandong Airline (SDA) livery on the B737-800 Model. Many thanks to @ Tsumia on this topic, a pioneered post really makes me glad.

Shandong Airlines is my hometown airline, yeah I’m from Shandong, China. I love this livery more than any other liveries is because I used to fly with them every weekend for a whole year when I was a kid, my father was assigned to Beijing office and my mother and I fly with SDA every Friday night and back on Sunday midnight (always delayed), always the SC 4852/4853/4855/4856, and the flights are still there now! Somehow I have such connection with aviation and especially love the Boeing models, and the SDA liveries, which I insisted wishing the IF team add this livery on the B737-800 model, as this is the only model Shandong Airlines own in real life, just like Ryanair. I cued the IF countless times on INS but nothing happens, therefore I am asking help on this issue, how to make a vote, how to make sure the IF team can at least see those votes or posts.

I am really glad to see more Chinese liveries adding in IF, many thanks to the IF development team and folks who vote for the requests. As a real-time flight simulator head, there are thousands of flights in China day and night, cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are supposed to become hubs like the Heathrow or LAX. Some Chinese IF fans fly in China, but they look pretty lonely on the map, compared with other hubs. So I’m asking friends in IF community make your simulator flights to China, more ATCs at the airports, and more liveries, also, more flights to our neighbor countries like Japan and Korea. Thus making IF East Asia region an active flight area, more flights to simulate in any timezone.

That’s all about what I’m talking about, wish someone can give instructions on requesting IF on liveries, or how to make them see our votes and such, I really want to get the SDA on the B737-800. Thanks to all guys!


Well written post! I definitely recommend you to vote for the livery here on the thread made by @Tsumia!


Thank you! I already did before post mine, but not sure how to call more people to vote for this livery

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You can simply bump the topic by replying, no need to make a topic dedicated to it.

And I have to agree, it’s a very nice livery.

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