Shamrock Shots

Hello IFC it’s been a very long time since I’ve done a screenshot and topics thread…

Flight time: 2 hours 14 minutes

Note: I took these pictures at different times in the sim and edited them after that.

These photos were edited using Lightroom this is my first time truly editing photos like this let me now what you think.

First we have the A320 sitting at the gate in Zurich

Next we have a smooth rotation from runway 10.

Third we have a wing view while the sunset behind the plane from afar.

This photo was not edited!. But in fact a half moonshot? Lol

Almost done here. We have a landing picture in which I was aiming for an early morning edit. Don’t know how good I did though.

Last but not least. Here I’m on the ground with the airplane cold. And a delay 757 landing here at Dublin?

  • Here I was going for late evening.

Hope you liked these thanks for viewing the topic!


Nice photos, well done. I really like the last one


Thanks, that one is probably my favorite…


I think it looks really good!


These photos are excellent! For some reason, it is super relaxing to look at these photos.

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Thanks, I find them the same way just something about those morning times and evening times.