Shall we fly together from now?

Anyone wants to fly with me?At freeplayground.
Please reply me:)

I want but you most wait 15 minuts and wich airplane from where to where wich server

I have all the aircrafts abd all the maps soo you can chose evere aircraft and map

How about at South Califolnia

On Free Flight Server 1?Aircraft: F/A-18
Is it ok?And are you able to copy my flight plan?

I’ll be at KLAX T1 Gate 10 as Air Force 148
Please send message when you are ready!

Oké wait just a fee min

Sure tell me when you ready:)

I come now

I am there

ok, copy my FPL when you get there

Moved to live and changed from “She’ll” to “Shall”.

In the future, please create a private message to chat with each other. That way the topic doesn’t stay at the top of the homepage for the duration of the event.


1000 knots yes?

The game fall away

I wait on ksan for you