Shaky when taking off (In-Flight Assistant)

Recently I noticed when taking off on airbus a320/321/330, I applied NAV mode with In-flight assistant around 1200 AGL with Flaps Up+ trim -10%, the plane would suddenly pitch down then pitch up. I am confused at how come?

I’m going to mow this to 3rd party. Looks like something to take up with the dev.


ah yes of course. Sorry about that:)

Hi, I think this happens when one puts nav on and an altitude is set. The A 320 always does this to me, which is a bit annoying. I have no passengers, so no one will complain, but the jerk is worth a good 1.2 G. If there is cure, I would be happy to learn.
Best to all.


Hey there it seems like this is one of those known issues with the Airbus family sometimes if you level off with too much of a v s the autopilot will overcompensate vertically up and down continuously the solution for this would be to turn auto altitude off set vs to 0 this should correct the problem indefinitely.


So any solution for this? (Is this a problem for infinite flight app itself or third party?)

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Don’t think that would be the actual case in real life if so would get plenty of complaints…haha

It has nothing to do with 3rd party if the plane is bobbing up and down and that is the issue as I understand it then it has everything to do with the app itself. The only solution for this at this time is to follow the advice I gave and turn auto altitude off with your VS set to 0 when you get to your desired altitude, it may not hold at the exact spot you want it but it will have to do for now, and to initially avoid it try setting your VS when you get close to your set altitude to extremely low numbers say 400-500.

Also, @SterlingArcher this should be in the support category now that we know it is not a third party issue but a known one.


Hey @Tony_Zhan, this is a known issue and it should be fixed soon.


Many thanks in advance, then! The only way to avoid that was to let all the climb happen, then lower the vs to nil, then set the altitude…
Best climbs to all the a32x lovers!