Shaky Takeoff / Landing


After watching ALOT of videos off takeoffs and landings in cockpit views, I have realized that during takeoff or touch down, your plane shakes (vibrates) a lot…


During takeoff, when you reach quite a fast speed, your plane shakes (vibrate), and ALOT! Once your plane is no longer in contact with the ground, the plane stops shaking


During your approach, your plane is very stable. But once it touches down, your plane shakes alot. Once it reduces speed, the plane will just vibrate

Why should infinite flight add this?

As of now, infinite flight is focusing on larger projects such as Project Metal. Although this is a tiny feature that is not that popular (to my knowledge), it would really boost the realism in this game!

Also, if-assistant has already have this but it would be better if Infinite Flight built an in-game version of this as not much people that are broke (me) would buy this :( especially considering the in-app purchases to get the features

How this can work?

I think this should only work on cockpit view and HUD view. In addition to this, you can add sounds

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IF Asst already gives you this option on your takeoff and landing


yes but it would be better if IF added this in-game


I think this is a really cool idea! However, a program called IF Assistant already does have this feature if you want to check that out!

But having this already in the game would be a lot nicer. ;)

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Need that 747 on grass strip type of vibration in game


yes i agree (i am too broke to buy if-assisstant)
yes it is also $7 ik


I forget to use it 90% of the time😂

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also that is another reason why lol

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IF Assistant is NOT the solution, people need to understand this, not everyone can pay so much and they shouldn’t have to.


Yes that’s my point! Thank you!

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You have my Vote and support!

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Thank you mate!

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Not a prob!

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But some are able to pay a €1159 device and a subscription to play!

Some doesn’t equal to everyone


I think the a350 has a few moving sounds on takeoff. The cockpit also shakes a little.

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Yeah but it aint like irl :(

I have IF assistant but it would still have been better to have this feature without having to pay 5$

yeah… i noticed that in the video… jesus christ what was that

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it might add laggs to some devices, not sure to add this

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