Shaky cam not working

I just did a really hard landing on purpose in the new 747 livery and the camera didnt shake at all. What exactly is it suppose to do?

Shaky Cam is supposed to generate what it actually looks like to land.

Hello! It’s not been re-implemented to all of them yet. But we keep track of the ones still missing it :) - Support Specialist

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Which aircraft have the shaky camera effect?

I am not sure. Hopefully someone else can answer you.


This small issue has been noted. The current list that works for the shaky cam is as follows.


I guess it’s normal since they only did that for the newest flight models.

We apparently had some regression during testing as more aircrafts had it initially. We’ll investigate!


It doesn’t shake for me on neither of these aircraft.

Can someone send a video of the shaky cam?

Mid flight, if you do some rapid gurns you can see the camera moving a little.

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Moving how?

Just, I cant explain it, just look at the dash and watch the cam move.

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Try using the A-10 and doing sharp turns to the right and it shows you what you would experience as if you were in the plane with G-Force 👍🏻

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