Shaking screen on final in cockpit view

Hey everyone I’m not sure if this has been covered yet or whatever but I havent seen anything so here goes

Since the release of 20.2 ive experienced issues with cockpit view violently shaking whilst on final approach

On approach is the only time it happens and it seems to happen on all aircrafft ive tested so far

Those being as follows
777 all variants

has anyone else experienced this issue ?? Or is it localised to my device

Many thanks in advance
Any assistance appreciated
Full reinstalling has already been done and did not fix the issue

Hello! Do you have any third party apps in the background? If so, which?

Edit: see @Tep_NEMO’s reply below. It’s a known issue caused by IF Assistant and epaga will fix it when he has the chance to.


Yes I did it’s IF Assistant

I guess you have Infinite Assistant running. Desactivate the shaky cam. It is a bug!


Thankyou so much

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You are welcome. I found out in Beta… was scary!

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Yeah probably the “shaky cam” option have bugged, i recommend to turn off the option until the problem is fixed, also, could you please move this topic to #thirdparty?

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