Shaking on ifc

Operating system:
Hi, I was looking at a couple of pages on ifc and it was going crazy, shaking. I am not able to read the page when it does that.

Were there multiple fingers on your device? Also if your screen is wet it could do that as well

Thank you, I have never seen this before

Are you on a touchscreen computer or a mobile device? like @Darkspoul said it could’ve been wet or you could’ve had multiple fingers on your device

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This is likely an isolated issue caused by too many inputs on the touchscreen. Clean the screen with a microfiber cloth, and it should work fine. You can also refresh the page. No need to worry.

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Are you on iOS/iPadOS 17 beta or have just upgraded to iOS/iPadOS 17 recently?

My screen has been cleaned and no longer is causing the problem


I don’t know why that would be the issue. Apple didn’t change the way HTML, CSS, or JavaScript is displayed in Safari.

I believe I had the same issue both the app and the forum in safari were unusable. I switched from developer to public beta back then. Fixed the issue for me (both iPad and iPhone) Edit: just saw the OPs comment on the fix. We had two different issues in that case :)

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Oh okay. Thank your for clarifying.

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