'Shaking' of aircraft after landing

Hi, I play IF a lot and after flying a decent route (e.g. Heathrow - Birmingham) when I land, the aircraft ‘shakes’ quite badly, it makes it very hard to taxi and park. When I fly the return route upon landing then it seems fine, but I have never flown again after completeimg the inbound route, so I wouldn’t know what would happen after that. Do any of you have this problem?

And i’m not sure if this is in the right category, please correct me if i’m wrong, many thanks,
Joe :)

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Please give us the device and OS

Device and specs eg is it jail broken?

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No, And it’s the iPad Mini 3

What iOS do you have ?

I have the latest iOS, but it always does it. I might post a video with the new update feature :)

It’s not impossible to park, but very hard as it won’t say still!

Ok wait until the update and see if it gets fixed because they’ve fixed lots of bugs in the new update have you tried restarting your iPad?

I think this is the floating point bug that’s been around for a long time. Happens to me as well, essentially if you fly a long route you experience this shaking effect after touch down.


I exactly have the same problem!

iPad Mini 2 (The one with Retina Display)
The lasted version of iOS.

And, it’s strange but it happen to me only after landings below 400 vertical speed! For exemple, if I do a 700 vertical speed landing, I will not have that bug.

I agree with @joewardofficial it’s hard to park as the plane slides around and doesn’t stay still

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Known bug. @matt and @philippe knows about this already.

Then don’t tag us ;)


ooops sorry about that. :)

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Its a glitch, it is a bug which is VERY HARD to fix, the dev’s are working on it.

Make sure you don’t have any turbulence on, that’s only when my aircraft shakes.

My plane skids around on live

I’ve had this problem since I started infinite flight… That was about 2 years ago

I have just found this SINCE the update on IOS…have only tried the A320 so not sure if it is with other aircraft. As suggested above it could be because the landing was too soft…am finding the A320 ‘floats’ more before touch down.

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Not suprised the aircraft already shakes in the first place

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