Shaheen Air A330-300

Shaheen Air A330-300


About Shaheen Air

Shaheen Air was a Pakistani airline which operated between 1994 and 2018. One aircraft they operated was this beautiful A330-300. The airline flew to many destinations across Pakistan and the Middle East, which include Multan (OPMT), Islamabad (OPIS), Faisalabad (OPFA), and Lahore (OPLA) in Pakistan, and Muscat (OOMS), Kuwait (OKBK), Dubai (OMDB), Sharjah (OMSJ), Medina (OEMA), and Doha (OTHH) in the Middle East. They also operated to a few destinations in Asia and the UK, including Kuala Lumpur (WMKK), Manchester (EGCC), and Leeds (EGNM).

About This Livery

Shaheen Air introduced their new livery shown above in 2004. They operated their A330s to the aforementioned destinations outside the Middle East. The A330-300 shown above uses the CF6 engine (source).

About The A330-300

The A330-300 is the larger variant of the A330 family. It is the older of the two passenger variants of the A330, being in service since 1994.

Aircraft Maximum Seating Ceiling MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight) MLW (Maximum Landing Weight) Typical Cruise Speed Typical Range
A330-300 440 FL420 (42,000 ft) 230,000 kg (507063 lbs) 185,000 kg (407855 lbs) Mach 0.82 5,850 nm

Why do we need this livery?

Since the reworked A330 was just released, it would be a great idea to expand the livery database of this beautiful aircraft model. The A330 in Infinite Flight currently only have two Middle Eastern liveries, and compared to other regions, that is a low amount. A great way to solve this is by adding this livery.

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