Shafran's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello i'm practise my skills to be IFATC, if anyone want's join.. Welcome!

Today i’m opening EDDM - Munich. Ground an Tower opening for 2/3 hours.


Expect Runway 26R or 26L for departure. Use realistic callsign

Please let me know if i can tag you in the future.


Airport Diagram


Just a recommendation.

I wouldn’t open up the busy airports like KLAX or EGLL because you can get a lot of people not listening to your directions.

I’d recommend opening up a airport that has a parallel runway 🙂



Thanks, but i want KLAX today :)

It’s your choice, but remember, the session will be a mess. I recommend something like SCEL


Hey @Shafran!

In my opinion, KLAX is not where you’re going to want to be when it comes to training for IFATC. There will be lots of people that won’t follow your instructions and it probably won’t benefit you in a way that will help you learn.

It’s great that you have a tracking thread, but I’d suggest opening some smaller airports and the likeliness of someone coming to troll is much lower, and the likeliness of someone coming to give you awesome feedback to help you improve is much higher. Here are some of my recommendations for smaller, better airports to control at :

EDDM, KFLL, KAUS, KRND, RODN, KLUF, KFAT, and the list goes on.

Just a reminder that we’re all here to help, and would like to see you on the IFATC team, but no obligation to listen to us if you would not like to.

I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’ll stop in other times if possible, have a good day!


Hey @Shafran, a good tip is to allow pattern work. In your test this is what it will be based on not departures and landings 👍 So to get the basics right for pattern work I would allow it.

ok, allowed!

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Also at the moment in the title is written “OPEN” but there’s no ICAO.

Where i should put ICAO?

Where is written “Shafran’s ATC tracking thread”.

like this?

Yes, also i would recommend to NOT open airport with a large amount of traffic, most of the pilots didn’t even know about your thread, and most of the times are trolls or don’t know how to communicate.

Pick an airport with ground frequency, 2 parallel runways and light traffic.
Will only make things easier.

Well San Francisco?

Definitely not. 4 runways with a complex intersection and the traffic is high there on training server.

uh, okay next time i will open smaller airport

I can recommend few good airports such as: KLCK, KFLL, KSSC, LFBO, LFLL, EDDM, LEPA and more.

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taked EDDM :)

Changed thread to Munich!
KLAX - is chaos.


Coming over in a few…see you there

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EDDM - Closed! Thanks all!

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