Shafran’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] N/A

Hi there!
I’m in the training process to become an IFATC controller
I need some practise to understand little things.
If i make mistake, please let me know about it!


Server: Training
Airport: Moscow Domodedovo
Frequency: Ground and Tower
Runways: 32L and 32R

Time: 2022-08-20T22:00:00Z2022-08-21T02:00:00Z

I’m focusing on:

  • Pattern work
  • Sequencing
  • Runway Change
  • If anyone wants to help me in other, pls let me know.
  • Notams 32L for departure, 32R for landing.

Bit late for me this time but ping me when you next open and I’ll try to make it!

im gonna start today :)

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Aww your lucky


Tag me when you open! 🙂

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You can tag me if you want to. If I’ve time I’ll fly 1 or two pattern.

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Tag me when you open…

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EGLL OPENED from now.

@J-F_V @FN60fps @GolfZuluZulu @Black_Bird

Hello, Shafran

I have some feedback for you

  1. You took a bit of time to clear me for taxi. Faster respond times = better. That does take time though.

  2. When I requested takeoff you told me to hold short because there was traffic on a 4NM final. You could of cleared for for takeoff and used the “please expedite” command. 3NM and less I would tell them to hold short.

  3. You gave me a pattern entry command while I was left crosswind. Pattern entry commands should only be used on Inbound aircraft and runway changes.

  4. You gave me Cleared for the option very late as it should be given before I enter downwind or mid crosswind.

Hope that helps! Best of luck with your ATC training!

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i cant now , later if you open again please mention me :)

for how long?

closed, until tommorow

Is this still open

one day… one day…


One day it’s is @Shafran

Russian’s day are really long ahem 🙄🤔

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As you say so @J-F_V

Hey Shafran! 👋🏾

Feel free to tag me along, see you in the sessions


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