SFX sound bug

At the moment I have sound bugs on the app.
let me explain:
1 flight out of 3 after a few hours I no longer have the SFX sound, i.e. the sound of the engines, the exterior and even more IFAssistant but only the sound of the ATC, while in the settings everything is 100%.
This often happens when I connect my Airpods pro to my Ipad and then to my mac or my iPhone.
I do not know what to do.
Do you have any ideas?
Thank’s all



Hi hugo, can you swipe from the right top corner and check if the bell notification thingy is activated (bell is crossed)

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I had watched several times as well but apparently not

Hugo L.


This is a known issue with iOS 14 i believe.
Switching the AirPod source mess things up… seen a couple of remarks about this on the world wide web.

Best is to turn off bluetooth on the devices you intend not to use the AirPods with, as that would stop the switching.


Ya the automatic switching has caused me some problems as well. Best solution I have to offer aside from what @schyllberg said is that short of that you can also just make sure media doesn’t play in those devices so as not to steal away your AirPods so to speak, and if something does putting them back in the case and kind of re setting things in that way has solved this for me in other apps, though perhaps the Infinite Flight issue is different.


Thank you so much I will do it


thank’s I would also test


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