SFO x 2 = 2SFO | San Francisco Spotting

SFO x 2 = 2SFO | San Francisco Spotting

Hello everyone! You may have just noticed the strange title of SFO x 2 = 2SFO, because I went spotting at SFO twice within one week (& also because I couldn’t think of title names). Anyways, I got several planes this time, so here’s 10 that I’ve added up over two days (19th & 25th). Forgive me about the quality, they’ve been downsized here, so I can’t do much about that…

First one up is an Air France 777-300ER. I’ve seen this plane multiple times while spotting, although AF isn’t one of my favorite airlines.

Next one up is an United 767-300ER exiting after landing on runway 19L. This one arrived from Newark & this was the first time I’ve seen the UA 767.

Next one up is an EVA Air 777-300ER landing from Taipei-Taoyuan (@LegendaryRoro88). This one is another regular in SFO (also the plane in the background of my profile picture, not this specific one though).

Here’s a Qatar Oneworld A350-900 departing 10L out of SFO. While I couldn’t prepare to catch this due to runway change & delay, I’m glad I could catch the picture of this plane. This was the 3rd flight of Qatar departing out of SFO (Service started on Tuesday the 15th, this was Saturday the 19th)

Next one up is ANA :)
I’ve nearly seen ANA’s 777-300ER every time I’ve gone spotting ever since July & I never ever get bored of this aircraft. It’s the best one out there in my honest opinion! This one arrived from Tokyo-Haneda, which was awesome considering most ANA flights used to head to Narita from here.

Next one up is Korean Air’s 787-9 coming in from ICN (@CPT_Colorado). Korean Air used to send 777-200ERs & 747-8s to SFO, but they’ve switched over to the more efficient Boeing Dreamliner. This shot was taken while it was raining along with heavy winds, so I’m quite proud of how this one came out.

Next one up is an Asiana A350-900 landing from Seoul. Fun fact, this one was the next international arrival after the Korean Air 787-9 (None were really departing at the time). Alaska decided to photobomb while I was taking the picture, but together, everything came out nicely. Also cool was that a rainbow formed by then, so that also came in the picture!

Next one up is another Asiana plane, but this time the 747-400 in a cargo configuration & landed from LAX. This was originally a passenger plane that was refitted to become a cargo plane. In this picture, the conditions at the airport were pretty bad (fog, rain, & winds), so I’m glad this came out alright.

Penultimate picture is the China Eastern A330-200! I wasn’t expecting China Eastern flights, but when I checked FR24, I was quite surprised. This one came in from Shanghai-Pudong, a nice addition to the planespotting logbook.

Finally, United’s 787-9 waiting for takeoff to Frankfurt while a British Airways 787-9 lands from London-Heathrow. I remember taking this in a hurry, but in the end, it came out fine.

Quite the spotting trip for both, especially yesterday’s one when it rained and I had to constantly wipe off water falling on my camera. My pictures came out fine & my camera was also fine, so I guess it all worked out.

As always, thank you for viewing the pictures!
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yeah must be nice to have heavies to spot


That British airways B787 🤩

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Thank you @AndrewWu & @BritishAirways001!

Yep, more heavies coming in here soon. China Airlines got delayed, otherwise I would have captured the CI 747 coming in from Miami.

Loved that last shot ran, Amazing photos!

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Thanks @Canadian_Aviator!

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Sounds like a San Francisco problem

Beautiful shots. I wish Newark had spotting locations like this.


SFO is so good for spotters…

Great job, hoping to see more from you soon!

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Thanks @Pingu & @Robertine!

But then we get ANA, EVA, Asiana, Korean, & China Eastern so :)

Yep, I can’t wait for Skyterrace to reopen. Bayfront is cool too!


Awesome photos Ran!




SFO!!! Nice pictures!

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Thanks @tawogata, @USA_ATC, @thenewpilot, & @Mukundan_Srivatsa!

I agree


What wonderful pictures, I really like the Air France but all the others are just as beautiful, good work ;)

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Thanks @Baba! I’m not a fan of Air France to be honest (I prefer Brussels Airlines more), but it came out nice, so I decided to put it in there.

Oh yeah, Brussels Airlines is definitely better, hope to see it on A330 ;)

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Amazing pictures! Glad to see heavies back up in the sky!

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Thanks @AviationFreak!

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