SFO Virtual Spotting

Hello, last Saturday San Francisco was featured on the ATC schedule.
And lots of people came to SFO, so I decided to do some virtual spotting there.
Enjoy :)

Route Information
I wanted to do SFO-HNL in the United 772, but then my granny came for a visit and I had to stop with what I was doing :/

Taxiing to runway 28L

Short final guy

A go around

Parallel landing runway 28L

Well…, that’s it…
Enjoy the rest of your day😄


Wow! Those are some very nice pics! I especially love the last one - nice spot!

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Ye, the hold short line is a pretty nice spot for spotting

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Wow, fantastic virtual spots! Have a like :)

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Thanks mate😊

I love spotting threads, IRL or IF! Nice job on these! :)

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Thank you 😄

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