SFO spotting

Hey IFC! My family is planning a trip to California for the holidays, and I will beg them to go spotting lol.

I had a question to SFO spotters about spots. I’ve read spotting guides but I’d like to see what SFO spotters say. I am aware of the bayfront park and G and A garages, but don’t those require payment to park?

If any SFO spotters could help me out, highly appreciated.


Maybe not the best for picture taking but at the end of the G concourse is a terrace that overlooks the ramp where heavies park and you can catch anything departing 28R/28L


Hey didn’t you message me on Instagram about spotting in MIA? Or do I have the wrong person? Lol

Also, I went spotting in SFO do you still need help or you got it?

I used to work at the ramp there before Covid… now THAT is the place to spot 😉😉😉 but ive seen people go on top of a nearby parking garage at the car rental area. (I forget the exact name of the garage) wish i could be more help, i dont usually spot, but ive seen many spotters in those places

my profile picture is a 78X i was loading at T3 off to IAH at the time. One of the first UA 78X flights to operate out of SFO

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I did, but my families plans always change, so we’re still settling to fly to Miami or San Francisco, so I’d like to be preferred (and do my own research lol).


Ah, gotcha !

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