SFO/SJC Routes

Hey everyone hope you are doing well I am looking for some good Long and Medium haul routes out of SFO/SJC if you could provide me some down below that would be appreciated.

Please Provide : Aircraft, Flight Time, Airline. and arrival/departure airport.

Just to clarify the route can be into SFO/SJC or out of it thanks!

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Try this out if you’re looking for flights suggestions : https://fpltoif.com/random

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Google is an excellent resource. Google search, Wikipedia maybe, all are cool resources.

Lol, I was just looking for an opinion from some fellow Pilot’s

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I think British Airways does a seasonal long haul from SJC

I believe they do on the 787-9

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Just go look at the departure board for the past week. You’ll find something!

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British Airways 787-9 SJC to London Heathrow

All Nippon Airways 787-10 or 777-200ER SJC to Tokyo Haneda

Historically/realistically, SJC had flights to Shanghai on Air China’s A330-200 (sub with 787-9), Lufthansa A340-300 to Frankfurt (sub with A340-600 or A330-300).

Hainan Airlines flies SJC to Beijing Capital, but a Hainan livery isn’t in the sim.

SFO’s much more flexible.

You could try SFO-DEL with Air India’s 777-200LR or United’s 777-200ER/787-9. Here’s some scenery you’ll probably encounter on the flight:

Overall, this is SFO’s route map. There’s a ton to choose from, or you don’t have to follow these real-world routes.


good idea, thanks.

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@ran would love you to do that :^) Home airport, ANA, Tokyo?

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Fire, but yeah, good route suggestion.

@WestCoastAviator, a route I would suggest from SFO would be SFO-FRA in United or Lufthansa.

Another one could be San Francisco to Hong Kong in Cathay, United, or Singapore Airlines (Singapore operates this fifth freedom route).

I believe you can also fly SFO-DXB in Emirates A380, or since Qatar had their flight arrive here, you could try SFO-DOH in QR A359

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FPLtoIF’s random flight plans are realistic, but the routes might not be, so here are all the flights from SJC and SFO conveniently placed on a map instead.

SFO-OGG & SJC-OGG are fun routes.

I agree, very fun I did that route recently!


Both around 5hrs

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