SFO RWY 1L: What do you think?

Do you think that the 1L is a typical runway for depatures at SFO in Training server?

Nothing is guaranteed on training server, haha. If you’re looking for the departing runway in use on training server, I’d just suggest listening in on ground and see where the controller is sending people.

Some pilots with 777 loves this runway

It depends on the aircraft you are using. If you are using narrow body and small wide body (767 and 787) sometimes but if you are using a larger wide body you should use the 28s

Normally they use 1L, 1R, 28L, and 28R for departures!

And the other way around is 10L and 10R.

These are the main runways they use for departures

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Yes it’s a typical runway to depart (aircraft dependent) on any servers, but check the winds and ATC to see which runway is in use

Yep, its in use right now according to flightradar24

Yeah, but im talking about Training server, someday I was controlling ground/tower and the most of the people with 777s, A380, or with A330s overweighted wants to go to to Sydney, Heathrow, etc.

I prefer using 28R for overweighted heavy aircraft. Is the longest one

As a resident in the San Fran Bay Area (& a frequent plane-spotter at SFO), 1L & 1R are typically used for departures along with 28L & 28R. 1L is solely used for small planes (such as CRJs, E175s, & sometimes A320s I believe). 1R is used for small planes, but is suitable for heavies to depart & land (such as the 777).

Most planes depart from 28L & 28R. Most of the heavies will arrive at 28L & 28R & many small planes too (738, CRJs, A320s, you name it). 28L & 28R is usually the best unless winds are unfavorable. Make sure the heavies don’t go on 1L at any costs though.

Heavy’s usually use 28L, narrow-bodies use 1L, but heavy narrowbodies and light widebodies(like UA domestic 777) can use 1R too.

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Ok, thanks for the opinions guys, with this topic I know more how heavies depart from SFO. :)

And see you in The LAX Fly-out (yeah i requested a gate) :)

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I’ll c u. I’m just to lazy to sign everyone up rn 😅

Here are the potential scenarios you have:

  • Scenario #1: 1L/1R & 28L/28R are active runways. Most of the time, this is true. Small planes depart & land 1L & 1R, big planes always depart & land 28L/28R. Small planes also land at 28L/28R.

  • Scenario #2: 10L/10R & 19L/19R are active runways. 10L/10R are used for departures only while 19L/19R are used for landings only. 19L is for huge planes & 19R is for smaller planes.

  • Scenario #3: 1L/1R & 28L/28R are active runways, but wind conditions are extremely unfavorable. This happens rarely, but in this scenario, the heavies will depart/land on 1R, small planes depart 1L. 28L & 28R would be used if planes has too much fuel or is too big (747, A388, 787). 777s would still land 1R.

I just realized that all the times I’ve departed 19R at SFO is unrealistic, doh :/


Bruh (ironic)

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You can depart 19L & 19R too, but that’s quite rare.

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And there´s terrain ahead, so is more dangerous

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´´Danger Zone´´ intensifies

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