SFO Runway 1R Golden Hour

Flew with DLVA on expert this evening as we continue our fun little internal “difficult approach” group flights. Today’s challenge was runway 1R at KSFO. My first attempt resulted in a go-around but the second time it was smooth and silky. I took to replay mode and took some nice panoramic shots in an attempt to emphasize the orange glow of the setting sun.


An approach so rare it isn’t even charted. It’s a “do it yourself” approach.

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Great pictures! Love the first one especially with the mountains in the background!

Awesome approach! Love doing it!

Cool! Nice sunset and SFO in the background!! Love that 2nd one

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I was watching that long line of planes cross the Nevada border into Cali.

I was going to wait in SFO for you guys to land, but I ended up disconnecting before that happened.

Looks like it was a fun flight!