SFO region is open!

Come fly in SAN Fransico! Jaydon has SFO open and @JoshFly8 and I have Stockton staffed. See ya there!


Coming down, N811JB!

Can’t :( Will you be open for four hours?

(JetBlue 95) That was really fun, but curious why you asked us to take off from KSFO in a crosswind when there were safe runways available? I needed a barf bag climbing away from the field!

The approach control was superb. Great vectors and spacing - thank you - good ATC adds serious value to the game!


I’m coming!

are you on now??

I support this dude!!! Go fly for him

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(BB001) Fantastic ATC from tower and approach for both airports, really a great experience with no issues 10/10


I’ll be there in a 208. N24NG

The winds were 280@10. This should not be a problem at all since it’s a light crosswind. SFO mostly uses this configuration in the world since it gives the best arrival/ departure rate. Depart 1R 1L and arrive 28R and L. But if the winds were gusting to 20-25kts + for example, I would of kept with the 28s. Thanks for coming though! :)


Thanks to everyone who came out! It was a fun time.


I echo Jason’s sentiments. It was great!

A general word of advice to everyone- please be sure to pay attention to your ATC menu screen when being vectored. The chat will be delayed if a large string of messages are backed up, and turning on time is vital to intercepting the localizer when going for an ILS. Be ready to start turning and continuing to turn in order to line up with the runway heading, following the needle in your HUD instruments. Don’t stay at your cleared heading for who knows how many miles. You’re going to overshoot the localizer if you do.


I was just curious - totally not mad or anything. Your answer was most educational.

I just made Grade 3 today, so that trip out to Stockton and back to Frisco were my first flights on Expert!

Really cool.


i went about an hour or two ago

my callsign was Qantas 63

My iPad lagged out and the throttle was stuck and i kept loosing speed and altitude lol
possibly the worst flight ive done


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