SFO parallel landing

“A young Airbus holding its mother’s hand, during a very busy approach into KSFO. 2020 / Colourised

You may think SF stands for San Francisco, in my eyes it means Synchro Flare.

Taken at KSFO in the last hour, expert server.

(Click for full image, it cut off the winglet)


I love the parallel approach at SFO, it’s great and fun, it also gets good pics! Well done.


There are hundreds of KSFO parallel landings & races videos. However, the IF perspective is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l

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I love this pic, I live near SFO and still stuns me

Nice pictures and a interesting perspective 😎


Nice! Very cool pics… the SFO parallel landings are always very cool

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