SFO (or SJC) to DEL Round Trip

Hi everyone!

I need your help. I am trying to search for a flight from San Francisco (SJC also works) to Delhi roundtrip for one person. It’s an emergency and the traveler needs to leave by Thursday, Nov 21st and come back on Thursday, December 5. For the return, even 6th December will work.

If you can’t find prices within my budget, then you can also try for Wednesday, November 20th to Wednesday, December 4th. Return can also be December 5th for this flight.

My budget is anything under $2k and if it has a layover, it shouldn’t be longer than 7-8 hours. It can reach anytime.

Please let me know good flights or airlines to check for

or please PM me if you find specific flight(s) that meet my criteria.

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Give Google Flights a look: https://www.google.com/flights

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Thanks @JulianB!

I also forgot to add that flights to Bombay work as well for me.

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At least where I am flights seem to be well within your budget:

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Thanks! That United/ANA flight is nice, but doesn’t seem like that’ll suit. We need something leaving Wednesday Evening or late night or anytime on Thursday.

I can check later today (in the next hours) and will send you a PM if you like.

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Sure @JulianB! That’ll help a lot! Thanks!

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@GlobalFlyer1 speak your wisdom


In my experience, if you want to fly Economy, Chinese airlines like China Eastern are the cheapest. Problem is a lot of them involve 2 stops as the aircraft fly to 2 destinations in China, and you may need a visa or something (not sure about the laws when transiting through China).

When flying from San Jose, you’ll likely find cheap tickets on ANA or Air Canada via Vancouver, but be careful as a lot of these flights arrive in Delhi at late night/early morning and Delhi is not the safest city at night…

My suggestion is check China Eastern from San Francisco (but also read the rules about transit through China) and check both ANA and Air Canada via Vancouver. Another option although Air Canada can get expensive is to fly San Francisco to Toronto to Delhi. I’ve done that flight before on their 787 and A321 and wasn’t disappointed!

Now, if your budget is $2000, I really suggest looking for Emirates flights. They are usually pretty expensive, but the service you get (I’ve flown from San Francisco to Dubai to Delhi on Emirates before) is much better than other airlines. The only issue is their cheap prices sometimes involve 8-hour layovers, but I’m sure with a budget like that, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good flight.


I’ve lived in India and the traveler as well. No problem. Actually the traveler’s final destination isn’t Delhi, but it is cheaper to go through Delhi

Don’t let @BigBert10 see this. We already know what he is going to say.


Anyways, I recommend SFO. Way better and higher chance of a flight to India.

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Ah, do you know what the final destination is? I usually fly to Delhi (every year) so I’m not sure about other cities, but maybe airlines like Cathay Pacific/Dragon which fly to many places in India will work out as well.

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I took a quick check and as of now, the non-stop (SFO-DEL) Air India is really expensive like $1600 and the SJC-DEL which has 2 stops is cheaper (more like $1000) (1 and 1/2 hour layover in denver (United), then 2 hour layover in Munich (lufthansa from Denver to Delhi via Munich)…

Return flight is 3 hr 20 min layover in Frankfurt (Lufthansa (Del-Frankfurt) and 5 hr 45 min layover in Denver (United) from Frankfurt to San Jose via Denver

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Well, it’s supposed to go to Jaipur Sanganer International, but that’s 55 mins from Delhi and costs more when I check online.

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Um if the person leaves tomorrow, it has to be evening or late night and reach on Thursday or Friday.

If the person leaves on Thursday, then it can be anytime and must reach either Friday or Saturday.

According to my search, the departure is (11:10 am from SJC) Thu and (12:10 am arrive in DEL) on Sat.

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You tagged him anyways. He might see it. Who knows. Lol


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