SFO Landing Runways

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I have a quick question to ask I’m currently inbound to SFO from ORD on ES and currently the winds are showing 050 @ 5kts which favour the 10s now my question is that there are terrain threats at the 10 side which in this case the 28s are a better option because of runway length as I cant land on 19/01s. Should I chance 28s or go for 10s as I dont wanna get called out for landing on a “red” runway as they say. Hopefully someone knows the procedures in this situation and there is no ATC present atm

Red doesn’t mean closed, it just helps you to decide which runway to use. You should use 28 in this case as most aircraft can handle a 5 knots tailwind. You’ll never get called out for landing on a “red” runway. Just make sure you’re not landing into oncoming traffic.


ATC is active now guys thanks anyway for your help 👍

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Not saying that its closed I’m saying that because the winds may not favour that side but in this case as you said most aircraft can handle a 5knt tailwind

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That’s true, but you also need to consider the magnitude of the wind and the logistics of one side being favored over another rather strongly.

PHTO is a good example of this. A 5 knot crosswind, or even tailwind, won’t have them using 08, because of the mountain. Unless the tailwind component, so wind can even be greater than 10 knots if it’s at an angle, is greater than 10 knots, they won’t switch from 26.


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