SFO gate ramp blocked

are these supposed to be there I can still spawn

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Can I just ask which gate this is occurring at?

It’s not. That area of the terminal was under construction in real life when the airport was made 3D.


Ahh, I see. Well then it’s not a glitch. Just don’t spawn at that terminal it’s technically under construction

Taking a quick look at the images provided by Google Earth shows that there is some construction happening at the time that this image was taken, which was in August of 2020.

I can’t say for certain that this is why the fences were put in place, but if you were to ask me, I would think that this was the case.


To be of help:

A few months ago one of our Supervisors at the 2D Airport Editing Team updated SFO to include the new terminal. In a previous 21.X update this change to the airport was not included by staff choice, to keep the 2D and 3D sections of the airport matching.

In 21.6, SFO was not blocked from the update, meaning the 2D airport was updated and spawns were added, whilst the 3D version still is representing the terminal being developed.


It would be useful if they remove spawning location so people dont spawn there or remove the barrier and still make it accessible to people.

They should either remove parking locations or keep them and remove the barrier.

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