SFO Airport RWY close

Hi, is it possible that starting January 5 of this year you can put a NOTAM up saying that 28L/10R is closed for repairs until early June. I know some people might not abide by it, but for us who do it will make it look more realistic. Thanks


A similar thing is happening at LAX currently, but there is no TFR since it’s temporary. Chances are there will not be one put in place. However if there is ATC present, there is a chance they will enforce the closure of that runway. That’s what I do when I control


Yeah I’m not sure why we have one for ADD but not LAX or anything

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honestly it’s nice to see that realism in the sim and I totally agree that we should have TFRs for runway closures but after all it’s just a sim and it’s not like anyone’s working on it in the sim, it’s in perfect working order and can never break!

Pretty sure with airports like ADD and ALA it is permanent. They are now taxiways, not closed.

At ADD, I still see pilots departing/landing 07L/25R🤦🏼‍♂️ even NOTAM clearly state the runway is closed and is used as a taxiway.

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Th LAX TFR would be pointless now since I believe it’s scheduled to open again next Sunday

Yes, but I’m saying is there was no TFR put in place from the start

Yeah but if ATC was present they would have been ghosted instantly.

@Aiden_Hodges its not an unreasonable request, I don’t see why it can’t be added, as any entry NOTAMs only can be added manually with an expiry date when it will end.

Feature request idea (idk if it’s been suggested before): IFATC can select a runway to close, which would add it as a NOTAM on the ATIS and also add 3d objects such as construction equipment and the big flashing “X” to the closed runway and even turn off the runway lights for night time