SFC -> 10,000 over EGKK

Can someone explain to me what the red circle around EGKK is, it says “SFC -> 10,000 TFR aircraft restriction” I’d like to land there but not sure if I’m allowed to. Thanks for any help, and apologies if this is in the wrong topic or this has been answered before.

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The TFR means you don’t have to announce crossing for the 08L/26R (?) runway. It’s used as a taxiway.

Yes, you can land there.


Ok so it doesn’t mean I can’t land there? Cause there’s a few on the map right now, like over EGLC and a couple near KDEN.

Here maybe this will help you

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If you click on the TFR, you can read the purpose of it.

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@Altaria55 is correct but just to add on if you click on the airport dot and then click the TFR tab it will tell you exactly what the NOTAM is


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So basically it’s used if something is out of the norm for that airport?

Well kind of. In IF, they are used permanently as well. So, at EGKK, 08L/26R is always closed. So it is normal for that airport, but not generally normal. Or it could also be for temporary purposes,an event that is very busy for example

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Yes. There’s far more that could be implemented but aren’t.

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Alright thank you guys! Means a lot to me and especially trying to not go back down to Grade 2.


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