SF Group Flight - Long haul 10 hrs on March 2th 9 am PST - KSFO-RKSI

For those interested, on March 9th a group of planes will be flying from KSFO-ICN with a optional stop in Anchorage.

2024-03-09T17:00:00Z2024-03-10T03:00:00Z - 10 hrs 7 mins - Full Fuel, 345kts.


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  • Ain’t no way i’m doin 10 hrs.
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After reaching RKSI from SFO you will head to VHHH, back to RKSI, to BER, back again to RKSI, to EHAM then back to RKSI, finally with a optional stop in Anchorage, people will head to LAX. The flight plan is:


-Gates will be announced soon- (Please note gates being used are A or Inter. Gates)

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300 or 200ER Asiana or Korean Air. (Possibly Bombardier)


  1. Gates will be International (A)
  2. Planes to choose from will be Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER, Korean Air Boeing 777-200ER, Asiana 777-300ER, Asiana 777-200ER, and any Bombardier with 6000+ mile range.
  3. Autopilot inputs before takeoff - Cruising Altitude - 38,000 ft, VS 2000-3000 ft, 263-345 kts, Heading 279° West - Takeoff Runways 1L and 1R at KSFO.

Finally what Terminal are you choosing?

  • A1 - Delta 777-200ER
  • A2 - Korean Air 777-300ER
  • A3 - Asiana A380
  • A4 - Asiana A320
  • A5 - Korean Air Cargo/Asiana Cargo A380 neo
  • A6A - Japan Airlines with stops in Anchorage and Tokyo
  • A6 - (Me) Korean Air 777-300ER
  • A7 - Asian Airline of your choice
  • A8 - KLM bound for Amsterdam with stops in Anchorage and Incheon
  • A9 - Private Bombardier Charter - Callsign Charter 214
  • A10 - Hawaiian with a stop in Honolulu
  • A11 - Northwest 717-200
  • A12 - Delta 777F
  • A13 - Spirit
  • A14 - Private Charter Daher TBM930 Navy Blue
  • A15 - Private Charter Daher TBM930 Black, Red, White
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Sorry to be that guy, but I can’t go, no maybe just no. Sorry.

It’s fine, it’s your choice.

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What day is it on ?

Sorry for the confusion. It’s on the 9th of March at 9 am PST

I cant join anymore Im so sorry

It’s completely fine. Thanks for applying!

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