SF Bay Tour Video Flight w/ FDS

As some of you may know, earlier today I took up some of the staff at FDS flying for a Bay Tour and a stop at Half Moon Bay for breakfast. The flight went well and I’m working on a video to put together from it to share with you all. Here’s what I’ve got so far :)


If you’re interested in knowing more about the Bay Tour or want to see some photos from it, check out the thread I created earlier: San Francisco Bay Tour Photos

Below is the full video from the flight!


Thanks Jason, Tyler, Stephen, and Laura for joining us! Hope to do it again sometime!


That’s really awesome! Good of you to take them up. Your plane looks cool.

Can’t wait to see the whole thing. Looks beautiful, definitely putting a Bay Tour on my bucket list.

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That is awesome! Look forward to seeing more video.


We are getting a ton of rain where I live although my area isn’t evacuated. Thankfully today was a sunny day.
Hope you enjoyed flying

The zero G’s lol. Nice 😂

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Full video is now up!

Be sure to check it out :)



Very nicely done on the video. What’s the music?

It’s a new song from the Chainsmokers / Coldplay collab.



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