Seychelles with EC Air

Hey IFC! I recently flew from the Seychelles to Cape Town when it was on the ATC Schedule. I wanted to fly the 757 and remembered that EC Air is based in Africa. The flight was very uneventful since I spent around 3 to 4 hours over the Indian Ocean. The total flight time was over 6 hours at FL380.

Server: Expert
Route: FISA - FACT / Seychelles to Cape Town
Airline: EC Air
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200


Was based in Africa* Specifically Congo.

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Yeah I know it’s Congo, just didn’t seem like I needed to add it

I understand now. Nice photos! You always fly passed me on flights to/from Hawaii.

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Lol I never know who I pass since I’m away from my iPad when I fly that long of a route

Lovely shots of a livery you don’t see often!
The 757, the third prettiest Boing, Boing behind the Queen and McDreamy (Dreamliner)!

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No way is the 787 better than the 757

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Better? Subjective interpretation. Prettier?
That it is. It is an elegant machine.
The ‘57 was and still is a great machine. Boeing’s direction shifted and the loss was ours. They could’ve done much with the 57 and 67. They weren’t obsolete, just outdated. One can only image the two with composites and upgraded engines and telemetry. There is a market for them. But getting through those been counting rubes just isn’t going to happen.☹️