Seychelles at Night

One of my favorite aspects of the new 772 is the cockpit instrument backlighting, I find that it really stands out and looks nice. So, I decided to showcase it in this photo.

  • ES
  • 772
  • FSIA Final Runway 13


Holy shoot. Dayum that’s neat

It looks like you turned final too early xD

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The turn onto final for Runway 13 at FSIA is unique because of the island terrain- go check out the special procedures in-app! It was a lot of fun to fly and really scenic.

Ah I see you’re a man of culture as well. Nice to see the RNAV 13 being used. Excellent shot!

Here’s a similar/(if not a carbon copy) approach of the procedure @Yacht likely used.

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Pretty much @Kiz! I used this arrival and approach, I think yours above is the RNAV X while I used the RNAV Z.

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