SEVERE TURBULENCE over north atlantic

i don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this but i am getting severe turbulence over the north Atlantic ocean just south of Greenland right now (callsign delta 454 on way to wp 5840n @ fl320)

By “SEVERE TURBULENCE”, do you mean you’re facing something like 90+ kts of wind? Since that can happen, has happened to me before. Nothing to be too worried about I’d say.

You can always use for wind measurements :)


From Nova Scotia to Iceland, There are currently winds of up to 190kts at fl340z This is likely your problem

He has a ground speed of 640kts, so yeah.

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As long as he doesn’t overspeed and receive violations then he should be fine.

I’ve faced 160kts before, a real blow from hell, had to change flight path to avoid the strong winds.


143kt tailwind nose being thrown 5deg up/down wing roll 5deg left/right im step climbing to fl360 and it is getting a little better but still bad

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PS: You should take an odd flight level as you’re heading east.

Safe Flying!


thanks but i was just climbing from fl 320 to 360

U might wanna plan your FPL more according to weather conditions to avoid such things like this

Overspeed is based on your IAS and not your Ground Speed so wind will not be a factor in overseeing. Also, these are called jet streams and ate normally at high altitudes. Plan with them as you don’t want a 190 headwind that I can tell you.

It was a heavy tail wind and I was following an Atlantic track so I wanted the tail win but not the turb

Yeah, I’ve experienced this before. I personally don’t see it as something to worry about.

Try reducing the speed next time your experiencing this. Even though you aren’t over-speeding it can cause the sim to do weird things.

Sometimes when I’m goofing around with the fighter jets on the casual server I encounter the exact thing your taking about. If I reduce my speed it stops. Might not fix it but it’s worth a shot.

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