Severe Turbulence or a Glitch?

Yes this has happened to me couple times when I was flying over Pacific Ocean with B747-8i I didn’t think it was too big of the deal since I was so used to having glitches in the game

I mean if your flying that fast beyond the A321 capability you might get some issues!

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Mods please close. Thanks.

I’ve found that when I encounter this I reset controls to default:

  • Pause flight
  • Open up settings (top left corner)
  • On left side select “Controls” (very bottom left)
  • Click on “restore defaults”.

This will not disrupt or cause additional issues to your flight. I’ve found this works each time I have this oscillation that you experienced. Give it a shot next time and try calibrating your device. Turning off the AP and turning it back on may reset it as well. You have a few options to try out. Apologies for the inconvenience.