Severe Turbulence or a Glitch?

Well this was either the craziest turbulence I have experienced in IF or something else…after a brief decent it smoothed out. A-321 from KCMH to KBOS…wow!

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Was it autopilot-induced? Did you test that? There is no way that’s turbulence because of the straight
pattern it’s in. Turbulence rocks you from side to side as well in IF.

I doubt it was wind… It stayed pretty stable throughout the video.

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Maybe… I’d say it’s a glitch with the autopilot or the turbulence system. Try restarting IF and if the problem persists that’s beyond my expertise.

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The spoilers were only activated once I noticed it and was descending quickly. I had leveled off prior to that for several minutes.

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This is recent turbulence. If the flight was recent there is no way it was turbulence because it looks all clear over there.

Edit: Just remembered that the A321 has oscillation issues at a certain weight, elevation, speed. That is most likely it. To solve this I make it a tad bit heavier in the back of the plane.


Good advice. Thanks!!

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Turbulence never looks like that lol. This is a known glitch in the 321 that is easily fixed by reducing your speed. (At least on my end :)


According to someone who flies 321s for jetBlue, this is a real life thing, but It’s exacerbated in IF. He says it’s because of how the 321 is the 320 but stretched with no accommodations in power, wingspan, etc… Just a fun fact 🤷‍♂️


Hmmm interesting, I know a lot of people who fly the 321 at M.85 encounter this problem… Slow down to M.78 and you shouldn’t have this issue…


This has happened to me numerous times, usually because I have flaps down or the spoiler is in flight. If it was happening before the spoilers were on it might of been your AP.
Anyways, hopefully this can help. Good day!


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Thanks for eveyone’s help. Since I usually fly the larger birds I haven’t had this happen but it did make me laugh!

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I will be safely landing in Boston shortly…with a few injured passengers unfortunately.

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I think its the Auto pilot because one day it happened to me and I was like what but then I realized it was the Auto pilot Because I was looking at the yoke, and I knew it was the game or autopilot.

True didn’t look at youre post and I put one like the same thing

No worries, it wasn’t even the main statement I was making anyways.

Ok im good

Did the problem go away at some point in time?

I’ve had this a few times, and all I had to do is to depress the ALT button, stabilize the aircraft and press it again.

Did you notice your spoilers were in flight position? At 320 kts, this could be causing it.

This issue has already been commented and Infinite Flight Developers knows this bug. It’s to do with the autopilot system. To fix it, you need to just fly slower. To reduce the aircraft from tilting up and down more drastically. Be careful, as the autopilot may disengage and make the aircraft go into a nose dive.

And people, please remember that cruise in the 321 is mach .78 🤦‍♂️

If you can see the red overspeed warning on the airspeed indicator, you’re doing something wrong

If the flight path vector is over the pitch indicator your airspeed is too fast (if you’re cruising with the nose pointed down you are definitely 100% doing something wrong)