Severe Turbulence on a Aeroflot Boeing 777

Unfortunate event that happened on an Aeroflot Flight a couple hours ago :(

A flight from Moscow (DME) to Bangkok (BKK) hit some severe turbulence. Aeroflot Flight 270 was carrying 313 passengers. Passengers on that flight told the press that other passengers were being thrown around, food packets flying everywhere, and it was just complete ciaos. There were injuries on that flight :( One passenger said “Blood everywhere, people with broken bones, noses, open fractures, babies with head injuries,”. Fifteen Russian citizens and two Thai citizens remain in hospital and three people required surgery, according to Aeroflot. I have never seen turbulence this bad.

Whenever you are flying, this is a good reminder to comply with crew member instructions and fasten the seat belt sign whenever you are seated. There can be unpredictable turbulence that could lead to injury if not seated.

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