Severe Turbulence Injured Passengers on China Eastern Airlines Flight

Passengers were injured on a China Eastern flight after the aircraft struck turbulence while landing in Sydney. 10 passengers needed medical attention immediately after the aircraft touched down. Most of the passengers suffered bruising, cuts and abrasion.
Woman being treated onboard
Damage to aircraft cabin after turbulence


Ouch , i truly hope nothing too serious ! I was actually ironically just on China Eastern’s website about to book some tickets …

Most suffered bruising

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Maybe not so good actually, lacerations plus neck and back pains.

It’s pretty frightening to see something like this happen so close to home…

Yeah, and I wonder what it would have been like on Live at the time.

It would have been epic!

Look at the photo up the top showing the aircraft damage. Crazy!

It really is crazy! How does this even happen, no other flights in or out of Sydney where affected. Is it just by chance?

Might have been wake turbulence. Don’t know at the moment.

@anon31652286, maybe playback on FR24? And check the plane it was following. Is it possible to playback on iPad app?

I don’t think so, but you can get it on the web.

So the plane incurred the turbulence during touchdown ? If I’m correct in saying that how do you hit your head on the bulkhead above , if you were wearing a seatbelt ?!

Will take a look at FR24 now…

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Looked on FR24. It can’t be wake turbulence as there was no other aircraft departing before or landing before for that fact , that was big enough to cause wake turbulence to seriously disturb MU777 ( A332) …

My theory - wind shear

What time was this incident?

2:45PM local time.

Check METAR and TAFs, winds were around 8-15 knots.

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