Severe Turbulence - Asking for Flying Tips

There are no WX radars in Infinite Flight, so I can understand turbulence in alternative ways, like how the plane moves or how my gauges look… So, I would like to know if there is an external resource where I can check the weather (according to my plane’s position and altitude).
And, what are your suggestions when the turbulence is too strong during the flight? Of course, I can change the altitude, but since there is no weather radar, I cannot assume whether I should increase or reduce my altitude. What is the most common way others do during flights?
I am flying from Indianapolis to Atlanta on 739, and I hit severe turbulence lasting for approximately 10 minutes. It was too shaky; I would love to find a way to avoid this kind of situation and also the worse ones.

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you can use Windy (both a website and mobile app) to get a look at the winds

IF uses real world weather, so Windy could help you see where is the windy-est and you can plot around them

I use’s wind/flight level feature to see where the jet stream is at higher altitudes.

I also look at to see if there are any severe turbulence reports along my planned route of flight.

Looking at current Doppler radar is also a good indicator of where you may find some turbulence.

Usually I let my passengers sit through it so they get prepared for the landing (please don’t send this to BAVA)


I fly cargo. Boxes don’t complain. 😎


I normally just fly through it

is the tumbling around an attempt to make the passengers think your landing is soft by lowering their expectations?

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Always a good strategy in my experience!🤣

It sure is

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better hope your passengers don’t see these replies

Dont crash… jk. Try and find higher altitiudes with smoother air. I fly on IF KLAX-KJFK a lot and i find over the rockies (Colorado) there is a lot of turbulence. Hope that helps 😀

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